69-3940 4.0" SST LIFT KIT- GM 1500 4WD 2019-2021 NEW READYLIFT

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  • ReadyLIFT® is excited to help you get the new 2019-2021 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 trucks lifted! ReadyLIFT now offers an all-new bolt-on, no-cut 4.0" SST lift kit for the 2019-2021 GM 1500 4WD trucks! The new 69-3940 SST Lift Kit provides a great lift solution to achieve a mild yet aggressive lifted stance while still maintaining important factory ride and handling.

    (This kit is not compatible with Trail Boss, High Country with ARC, AT4 or Denali editions. Use of Auto 4 Hi feature not recommended.)

    Not compatible with 2019 Limited OLD Body Style.  

    Like the body design, the suspension design of the 2019-2021 Silverado/Sierra 1500 features some unique elements that differ from the previous generation GM trucks. These differences were tackled by our engineers and a new SST lift kit emerged that works perfectly with the new suspension geometry.

    This new SST lift kit provides 4" of front lift and includes a 3" rear lift block for a nice level but lifted stance. Front lift is achieved with heavy-duty laser-cut fabricated steel top mount strut extension with an offset design to correct the strut and wiper seal angles. A CNC-machined billet Aluminum pre-load spacer is also included. Combined this configuration provides a true 4 inches of front lift. 69-3940 can easily allow for up to a 295/65-20 tire as shown here with XD Series Demodog 20x9 0 offset wheels (35x11.50 max). This kits provides a safe amount of lift without exceeding the CV limits which works well within the OEM tolerances.

    GMC Sierra can only fit up to a 295/55-20 tire due to fender well restrictions.

    This all-new no-cut kit includes new tubular steel upper control arms with adjusted ball joint pivot angles and maintenance-free TCT pivot bushings. These new control arms are an essential component of our new 4" SST Lift Kit to ensure proper suspension geometry.

    For the rear, we include our popular time-tested 3" tall OE-style cast iron rear lift blocks with built-in axle pad locating ears and new longer U-bolts. With the 3" rear blocks, this new GM 1500 truck will have a very subtle rake that looks great with the all-new GM body lines and aids towing or hauling payload.

    Note: NOT intended for off-road use or abuse. 

    Features & Benefits

    • Made in USA.

    • The perfect mild lift solution for 2019-2021 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 trucks that provides a great looking aggressive stance with a slight rake.

    • Includes heavy-duty laser-cut fabricated steel top mount strut extensions with an offset design to correct strut position and CNC-machined aircraft-grade billet Aluminum front strut pre-load spacers.

    • Includes tubular steel upper control arms with adjusted ball joint pivot angles housing a heavy-duty ball joint and new maintenance-free TCT pivot bushings.

    • Allows for up to a 35x11.50" (295/65-20) tire on up to 9" wide wheel with 0 offset.

    • Maintains the factory ride, handling and suspension geometry.

    • Unmatched curb-appeal delivered in an affordable yet innovative Smart Suspension Technology "no-cut" lift kit.

    The wait has been worth it! ReadyLIFT is excited to offer this premium grade bolt-on, no-cut kit for the 2019-20 GM 1500 trucks that we are confident will delight you. When lifted with our 69-3940 SST Lift Kit and combined with larger aftermarket wheels and tires, these new GM trucks look and drive as great fantastic.