6”rts lift kit w/performance shocks k1159

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This high quality 6" lift kit for the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado 2500HD has been designed to improve the offroad capability of the vehicle while providing a smooth highway ride. The Fabtech lift kit retains the factory load carrying capacity of the vehicle that is perfect for owners that use their truck for towing and hauling.

The heart of this lift kit is Fabtech’s cutting edge RTS® design. The RTS® is a bracket system that keeps the torsion bars in the factory location while providing lift. This feature provides superior ground clearance at the frame as there are no torsion bars hanging down to become high centered on or damaged when offroading. It provides a very clean appearance to the vehicle.

Another important aspect of this GM 2500HD lift kit is the lower control arm crossmembers. They are arched at the bottom to provide ground clearance and have a skid plate to protect the front differential against offroad obstacles. The crossmembers and bracketry are built with 1/4" thick steel that provides strength and rigidity to the vehicle’s suspension.

The superior build quality and design of the components allows for a fast installation time with only four holes to drill and no cutting of the front diff housing.

This heavy duty GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado 2500HD lift kit is built with the highest quality components and is designed to provide years of trouble free service while offering a great ride.

With performance shocks 


  • Tire Size – 37/12.50R18 Wheel Size – 18×9 w/ 5 3/4in BS w/minor trimming
  • Tire Size – 37/12.50R20 Wheel Size – 20×9 w/ 5 3/4in BS w/minor trimming
  • Tire Size – 37/12.50R22 Wheel Size – 22×9 w/ 5 3/4in BS w/minor trimming